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Boat Diving in Curacao

Experience the best boat diving in Curacao with Ocean Encounters!  Their 4 custom dive boats are perfectly equipped and ready to transport you to some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean!

Whether you are an individual diver, a snorkeler, a family or a private group – these well appointed boats are spacious and comfortable!  Not only that, they are crewed by one of the best dive teams in Curaçao that includes licensed commercial boat captains that are divers too!    

Curacao Boat Diving and Snorkeling Trips

When on a dive vacation in Curacao – you will quickly realize that one day of diving our beautiful reefs will not be enough! That’s why Ocean Encounters offers you multi-day diving packages to ensure you can make the most out of your diving holiday – because the more you dive, the more you save! 

Ready to go boat diving in Curacao?

Start exploring the boat diving possibilities with our Curacao diving trips today! Why?  Because, one day is never enough!! Because with over 70 world class dive sites to choose from, Ocean Encounters offers you boat diving packages that will definitely get you wet!

Combine these packages with guaranteed boat departures every day for two dives along the south-eastern coastline – we are sure you will surface wanting more! Dive in and start exploring the endless possibilities including “Sleep and Dive Packages” at the best dive resorts in Curacao!

Ocean Encounters Boat Diving Fleet

Quick Fleet Facts

The Curacao Phoenix

Our most comfortable and versatile dive boat, the Curacao Phoenix is equipped with Caterpillar twin engines (450 horsepower each). This really is the Cadillac of boats!

The Phoenix is a Newton 46 foot “Dive Special”. Features of this boat include a 16′ beam, over 500 square feet of floor and deck area, seating for over 40 passengers, ample cabin amenities, rear water level entry, camera table, fresh water wash downs and, custom tank holders for 22 divers!

Before setting sail for Curacao, this boat had been fastened for a while on top of the deck of a mega yacht, after a short dive trip in the Red Sea. You can still see the attachment points on the hull of the ship!

Boat Diving Trips with Ocean Encounters in Curaçao

The Curacao Galaxy

The Curacao Galaxy is a Pro-48 Custom dive boat that is perfect for longer trips.

Measuring 48 feet in length overall (from pulpit and swim platform) with a broad 16 foot beam, the Pro 48 is by no means a cheaply built boat.

The 48’s main cockpit, featuring a whopping 392 square feet of open deck space, is more than enough to comfortably accommodate 30 divers. Tank and equipment placements are provided by two extensive tank rack/bench seat arrangements (designed to hold 32 tanks per side) with enough seating for 44 passengers.

The boat is equipped with twin Cummins Diesel engines that provide 430 hp each.

Forward of the ladder to the upper deck and helm is a two tiered camera table with a holding rack for a five gallon cooler.

For access to and from the water, the transom’s wide, cut-out opening features a heavily braced, 3 by 10 foot wide swim platform with twin drop down ladders.

Daily Boat Diving Trips with Ocean Encounters in Curacao

The Curacao Princess

The Curacao Princess is a 42 foot Michael Fitz custom dive boat.  This is a special “1 of 9” designed by the legendary Peter Hughes.

This boat was originally built for Peter Hughes Diving at Princess Beach – now known as Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa and Casino.  

The Princess is a well designed boat that is not only comfortable but offers a spacious deck with an easy ability to enter and exit the water safely.

This boat is powered by two 350 horsepower Cummins Diesel Engines.

The sisters of the Princess are now scattered around the Caribbean – including Bonaire and the Bahamas.

Curacao Boat Diving Packages with Ocean Encounters

The Curacao Star

The Curacao Star is a 36-foot Seahawk 360 Divemaster that was custom built in 2005. 

This radical new hull design gives the Sea Hawk 36 an extremely dry comfortable fuel-efficient ride. A deep bow with a sharp 36 degree deadrise at entry and an aggressive stepped chine system with built-in spray rails flowing aft allows her to pierce the waves for a fast fuel-efficient ride and still handle seas that keep most other boats in her size class at the dock. The hull warps to a flat dead-rise at the stern and this, coupled with the wide 14’ beam beam makes her a stable dive platform.

The Star is equipped with dual 420 horsepower Caterpillar engines.

Boat Diving in Curacao | Ocean Encounters

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