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Coral Restoration Specialty Course

The PADI Reef Renewal Diver distinctive specialty is a fun way to give your time and effort while taking concrete steps to improve Curaçao’s reefs. Bring the science of reefs to life and do your part to rescue threatened and endangered ecosystems and species. Perfect for families, single divers, vacationers, school groups, and more!

Ready to use your diving to restore the reefs? Want to learn coral gardening techniques? Is becoming a certified Reef Renewal Curaçao volunteer something that interests you?

Then start planning to Dive for a Purpose today! During the PADI Reef Renewal Distinctive Specialty – 2 Dive  Course! During the course you will:

The Vision for Coral Restoration in Curacao

Reef Renewal Curacao envisions a future where the shallow water reef systems around Curaçao are no longer threatened and ocean stewardship and protecting our coral reefs is at the heart of Curaçao’s culture.

All aspects of our beautiful Dutch Caribbean island depend on coral reefs, from coastal protection and food on our table to revenue from tourism. The existence of coral reefs is intertwined into much of the infrastructure and revenue on the island. However, these coral reefs are threatened by human impacts and reef restoration is only part of the solution.

For Reef Renewal Curacao to effectively build back and restore the shallow water reef systems of Curaçao, we need the support of a variety of private stakeholders and the support of the Curaçao government.

We need to take the importance of coral reefs out of the water and make it something that is valued by the whole community of Curaçao.

Sustainable Tourism in Curacao

At Ocean Encounters, we believe in educating, setting an example and making a change.

It is for this reason, that we have committed to making a strong eco-friendly presence with our green initiatives and have taken these to another level with our #OEPledge, our commitment to sustainability. The #OEpledge shares the many different ways we have been involved in protecting the local waters, marine life, and community.

The Curaçao Reef Restoration Program is an example of one of these sustainabilty initiatives.

LEARN MORE – Because together we are making a difference for the future of our beautiful Dutch Caribbean island!

Coral Restoration in Curacao