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Why Snorkel in Curacao?

When you visit Curaçao, white beaches, friendly people and delicious food will be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is one thing on which Curaçao is an absolute winner, the snorkeling.

Snorkeling on Curaçao is one of the best things you can do during your vacation. We see that there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to snorkeling on Curaçao. Why would you choose a snorkeling holiday on Curaçao? And what do you have to do to swim safely?

To find out, it is useful to read this article carefully, because we have listed the most important information for you.

What are the Benefits of Snorkeling in Curacao?

We will show you some more practical information later in this article that may be important for snorkeling on Curaçao. But before that happens, we first have to look at the benefits you will experience when booking a snorkeling holiday on the island of Curaçao.

  • Curaçao has a very clear sea – if you choose to go snorkeling, obviously the water should be crystal clear. The goal is to see as many fish as possible. If you choose to go snorkeling on Curaçao, you really don’t have to worry about this. Due to the wide variety of fish in combination with the clear water you can be sure that you will really have the best time of your life while snorkeling.
  • There are plenty of snorkeling locations on Curaçao – the fact that the sea is clear is not the only reason why you should choose a snorkeling vacation in Curaçao. It is also true that Curaçao is known for the incredibly large amount of locations for snorkeling. The fact that there are many different locations means that it is never too busy. This allows you to truly immerse yourself in the sea around you without having too many other snorkel enthousiasts distracting you. 
  • The sea around Curaçao has a lot of coral – although fish are nice to see in the open sea, they live in symbiosis with the coral. The more corals, the more fish. The reason many people choose a snorkeling location on Curaçao is the fact that you can still find a lot of coral here. 

Quick Curacao Snorkeling Tip

The most important tip that we can offer is to ensure you have a high quality mask and snorkel set that includes a properly fitted pair of fins (not flippers – those you can find on Dolphins!) that work well for you. Why? Essentially you want to enjoy yourself, right? No one likes a leaking or a foggy mask. No one wants jaw fatigue or poor fitting fins that are too tight or worse – fall right off. Right?

A high quality snorkel set that properly fits your face, your mouth and your feet will enhance your overall snorkeling and diving experience in Curacao so you can breathe comfortably without worry.

Where can you be properly fitted a mask and snorkel set? 

You can visit your local dive or watersports store before you leave home or better yet, visit our dive shop at LionsDive Beach Resort or Sunscape Curaçao Resort where our professional dive team can assist you with advice, options and most importantly, share local knowledge with our Snorkeling Guide for Curacao.

Book one of our snorkeling tours

Although it is possible to discover the sea independently, it is also a nice idea to opt for one of our snorkeling tours on Curaçao. The main reason for choosing a snorkeling tour is the fact that it allows you to experience the most beautiful places that are less known to other tourists. The beaches towards “Westpunt” can get very busy. Klein Curaçao is also one of the possible destinations of these snorkeling tours. 

With these tours the boat takes you to a certain destination to discover the sea. Along the way it is possible to stop at several beautiful snorkeling spots. Ocean Encounters always know how to guide you along the most unique locations. The amount of fish and coral you can see here is really unprecedented.

Try a Discover Scuba Diving Experience?

In addition to snorkeling, it is also very well possible to go diving on Curaçao. Due to the beautiful corals, the marine life and countless wrecks at the bottom of the sea, there is more than enough to see and discover in the sea. With diving it is possible to go much deeper than with snorkeling, so you will also encounter different fish. Ocean Encounters offers a discover scuba diving experience if you want to experience diving once, before taking one of our full dive courses.

Without your diving license it is not possible to dive independently. Logical, because you want to be able to dive safely. Here on the site you can find much more information about the different SSI and PADI courses that can be obtained for diving on Curaçao.

Are you Ready?

We hope that through the information from this article you have got a better idea of ​​the possibilities regarding snorkeling in Curaçao. Ocean Encounters of course also makes it possible to go diving in addition to snorkeling. Be sure to stay here if you want to learn more about snorkeling on this beautiful holiday island.

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