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From: $45

1 Day Unlimited Shore Diving Package

Dive in with this 1 Day Unlimited Shore Diving Package with Ocean Encounters in Curacao for a more leisurely dive schedule.

With over 350 air tanks & 80 Nitrox tanks in service, which include standard yoke & DIN fittings, standard size aluminum 80’s (11.1l), small tanks (63 cu/ft/10l) and even big boy tanks (AL100/15l & steel 120’s/18l) we have the tank for you.

During your stay, we have a convenient loading area at our LionsDive location where our courteous dive staff will load your car and will give you recommendations about the best shore dives in Curaçao. Guests from all other hotels are also welcome to use this service.

Unlimited Shore Diving Package

At Ocean Encounters, we specialize in taking you to the best dive spots on the island by boat. But if boats are not your thing, and you wish to explore the over 100 dive sites on the island on your own, then we are still your “one stop dive shop”.

Where are the Best dive sites in Curaçao? How do you access the shore diving sites are in Curaçao? 

Dive in and use the Ocean Encounter Curacao Diving Guide to locate over 38 shore accessible dive sites today and learn more WHY Curaçao is a Shore Diving Haven!

Questions you might have – FAQ

Unfortunately not. You have to be licensed to be able to use our unlimited air tank service.
During your unlimited air package, you can take 3 tanks per diver at a time. Not enough? Return to Ocean Encounters to grab some more!
This package unlocks the door to 24/7 diving. Just keep in mind that you have to organize the tanks between 8am-5pm.
Absolutely! We have on-site rinse tanks and a locker room to use free of charge. We also can give you a key for the locker room for access to diving before and after hours.
Getting tanks is easy, all you need to do is say hello to our friendly shop attendants and pick up a tank “token”. The loading/unloading area is accessible by a drive in “ramp” where our staff will assist you to load and unload your tanks. You don’t need to carry anything at all!