Oceaan ontmoetingen

Terms and conditions

Reservations will be confirmed upon paying in full. 3% surcharge on the amount due if pre-bookings are paid by credit card. Bank transfer costs for payments are for the sender.
We advise you to sign up ahead of time as spots cannot be guaranteed.
Packages do not include special trips, add-ons, dive equipment (with the exception of tank and weights for boat diving packages), nitrox fills, dive insurance.
Boat diving packages include tank and weights and unlimited air from shore.
Courses include dive equipment, certification and all course materials.

We offer free rescheduling up to 12 months from the date of your current reservation.
Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours in advance without any charge, with the exclusion of third party costs as i.e. 1) e-learning & 2) (international) banking and administration fees in case of prepayment. For the latter a 10% fee will be deducted. For cancellations within 24 hours, a fee of 25% will be applied with the exclusion of Dolphin Dives. No Shows and Dolphin Dives within 24 hours will be charged the full amount.
For group bookings and sleep & dive bookings, terms may vary depending on i.e. the intermediary, tour operator, trip leader, hotel, resort etc. and can be provided upon request if not received immediately with the booking.

By booking the discounted rates, you agree to non-refundable rates.
If you prefer to book rates that are refundable, please e-mail [email protected] to request the regular prices. In that case, you will receive a custom payment link per e-mail.


1. Electronic waiver
Completing an electronic waiver is part of the check-in process. Should you and/or your group not have received a (custom) link, kindly contact [email protected] to send the link. Limited devices are available in the shop to complete the waiver. In exceptional cases, there are also hardcopy waivers.

2. What to bring
Check-in verplicht met uw brevetpas, ID en Credit Card (autorisatie/borg vereist; zie borgbeleid in winkel).

3. Check-in times
Please check departure times for our trips with the facility you are engaging in your activity/activities from. Our dive center is open from 8AM till 5PM. The morning activities start at 8.30AM; the afternoon activities at 2PM. Check-in at your earliest convenience with your certification card, ID and Credit Card; preferably the day of your arrival or at least at 8AM on your first diving day. If you are not present at least 20 minutes prior to departure you may lose your spot.

4. Last dive more than 18 months ago
If you have not been diving in the last 18 months before your dive trip, either a refresher or PADI ReActivate course is required prior to diving. If more than 10 years, a resort certification or open water course is required.

Equipment rental
A deposit will be kept until any rental equipment is returned, rinsed and in the same condition as you originally rented it from us. The equipment will be charged to your account for every day it is in your possession. Rinsing regulators without dust-caps will result in a $10 cleaning fee. Lost or missing weights will be charged at $5.50 per pound. Lost or missing equipment will be charged at (new) replacement cost.

External instructor’s responsibilities and liabilities
When teaching any courses during your trip at Ocean Encounters Curaçao premises and/or on Ocean Encounters Curaçao boats and/or using Ocean Encounters Curaçao equipment, you are required to inform Ocean Encounter beforehand. It is mandatory to provide the required proof of insurance – with Ocean Encounters Curaçao included on the policy – for the duration of your stay. Ocean Encounters Curaçao will take no responsibility and/or liability in any way for any matters related to dive education & certifications; personal injury, property damage or loss, wrongful death or other damages resulting from courses taught by external (non-Ocean Encounters Curaçao) instructors from groups that the participants joined on their own account.

Payment options
We accept American Dollars, Netherlands Antillean Guilders, Debit and Credit Cards.

Ocean Encounters data privacy policy
This policy is issued by Gifts Encounters N.V. with trade name Ocean Encounters Curaçao (“we”) and is addressed to individuals with whom we interact, including individual customers, intermediaries, booking agents, vendors, employees and other recipients of our services (together, “you”).

This policy describes how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information that you provide, is provided on your behalf or is collected by us. We are subject to the privacy and data protection laws that may be applicable in Curaçao. This policy should not be viewed as a supplement to such local privacy laws and will not vary or diminish our obligations under the applicable local privacy laws. To the extent this policy conflicts with any provisions of local privacy laws, such local privacy laws will take precedence over this policy.

This policy may be amended or updated at our discretion from time to time to reflect changes in our practices with respect to the processing of personal data, or any changes in applicable law.

5. Personal data
The categories of personal data about you that we may process, subject to applicable law, are as follows:

  • Personal details: name(s); date of birth; age; id; photos; images.
  • Contact details: telephone number; email address; fax; local accommodation details.
  • Dive education details: certification level, certification agency, number of dives.
  • Employee details: education level, education received, former employers and work experience.
  • Financiële gegevens: bedrijfsnaam; factuuradres; bankrekeningnummers; kredietkaartnummers; naam en gegevens van de kaarthouder of rekeninghouder.
  • Electronic identifying data: IP addresses; cookies; activity logs; online identifiers; unique device identifiers; and geolocation data.
  • On behalf of third party certification agencies or service providers: medical waiver details (see also their privacy declarations on their respective websites) and/or above details.

6. Collection of personal data
We collect or obtain personal data about you from a variety of sources as follows:

  • Directly from you; or
  • Via a third party service provider i.e. booking agent, intermediary; or
  • When you visit our website or use any features or resources available on or through our website. When you visit our website, your device and browser may automatically disclose certain information i.e. via cookies (such as device type, operating system, browser type, browser settings, IP address, language settings, dates and times of connecting to a Site and other technical communications information), some of which may constitute personal data; or
  • When you complete and submit our electronic waiver; or

We seek to collect or otherwise process your personal data, for the following legal basis:

  • The processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation under a contract with you;
  • We have, in accordance with applicable law, obtained your explicit consent prior to processing your personal data (as above, this legal basis is only used in relation to processing that is entirely voluntary – it is not used for processing that is in any way necessary or obligatory); or
  • Processing is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest and occurs the basis of an applicable law that is proportionate to the aim pursued and provides for suitable and specific measures to safeguard your fundamental rights and interests.

8. Purposes for which we may process your personal data
The purposes for which we may process personal data are:

  • Het bijhouden en actualiseren van uw contactinformatie waar nodig;
  • Marketing- en promotieactiviteiten;
  • U te voorzien van informatie of bijstand die u ons vraagt;
  • U de gevraagde diensten te leveren;
  • U in kennis te stellen van wijzigingen in onze diensten;
  • Kwaliteitsborging en opleidingsdoeleinden;
  • Voldoen aan onze wettelijke en reglementaire vereisten (incl. als werkgever).

9. Bekendmaking van persoonsgegevens aan derden
Wij zullen uw persoonsgegevens niet opzettelijk bekendmaken of overdragen (en zullen redelijke stappen ondernemen om de ongeoorloofde of toevallige bekendmaking van) uw persoonsgegevens aan derden zonder uw toestemming. Zolang deze partijen ermee instemmen deze informatie vertrouwelijk te behandelen, kunnen wij uw persoonsgegevens bekendmaken aan:

  • Accountants, bedrijfsrevisoren, financiële adviseurs, advocaten en andere externe professionele adviseurs;
  • Vertrouwde derde verwerkers, die helpen bij de exploitatie van de website; met betalingsdienstaanbieders incl. CX Pay en zijn filialen en/of dienstverleners; met elektronische afstandsverklaring dienstverleners incl. Electronic Works LLC (waiverelectronic.com) en zijn filialen en/of dienstverleners; enz.

Wij kunnen uw informatie ook vrijgeven wanneer wij van mening zijn dat vrijgave nodig is om te voldoen aan de wet, om het beleid van onze site af te dwingen, of om onze of andermans rechten, eigendom of veiligheid te beschermen. Niet-persoonlijk identificeerbare bezoekersinformatie kan echter aan andere partijen worden verstrekt voor marketing-, reclame- of andere doeleinden.

10. Gegevensbeveiliging
Wij hebben passende technische en organisatorische beveiligingsmaatregelen getroffen om uw persoonsgegevens te beschermen tegen onopzettelijke of onrechtmatige vernietiging, verlies, wijziging, ongeoorloofde openbaarmaking, ongeoorloofde toegang en andere onrechtmatige of ongeoorloofde vormen van verwerking, in overeenstemming met de toepasselijke wetgeving.

11. Bewaring van uw persoonsgegevens
Wij zullen uw persoonsgegevens bewaren in overeenstemming met ons beleid inzake gegevensbewaring.

12. Recht op toegang, rectificatie, uitwissing en beperking van de verwerking
Behoudens de toepasselijke wetgeving kunt u op legitieme gronden het recht hebben om toegang tot uw persoonsgegevens te vragen en om deze gegevens te laten corrigeren, wissen en/of de verwerking ervan te laten beperken.

13. Uw toestemming
Door gebruik te maken van onze site en producten & diensten, alsmede van vacatures, stemt u in met ons beleid inzake gegevensbescherming.

14. Disclaimer website
De gegevens op deze website www.oceanencounters.com is bedoeld om algemene informatie te verstrekken aan het publiek, inclusief u. Bij de samenstelling van de website en het bijwerken van de gegevens is redelijke vakkundigheid en zorgvuldigheid betracht. Wij kunnen echter niet garanderen dat alle gegevens op de website is nauwkeurig, volledig of up-to-date. Wij aanvaarden geen verantwoordelijkheid of aansprakelijkheid voor eventuele fouten, omissies of onnauwkeurigheden in de verstrekte informatie, noch voor enig verlies, schade, letsel of kosten, geleden of opgelopen als gevolg van het vertrouwen op de informatie op deze website. De gegevens op de website vormen geen juridisch advies en zijn niet bedoeld om in te gaan op de specifieke omstandigheden van een bepaalde natuurlijke of rechtspersoon.

Deze website kan naar eigen goeddunken van tijd tot tijd zonder voorafgaande kennisgeving worden gewijzigd of bijgewerkt om de inhoud accuraat te houden. Als u een fout vindt of iets dat er niet zou moeten zijn, neem dan contact op met [email protected].

Deze website www.oceanencounters.com en alle inhoud hierin mag niet worden gekopieerd, gewijzigd, verzonden, verspreid, verkocht, weergegeven, in licentie gegeven of gereproduceerd op enigerlei wijze door u zonder onze uitdrukkelijke schriftelijke toestemming.

15. Bevoegdheid
Alle overeenkomsten en rechtsbetrekkingen met u, vallen onder het Curaçaos recht. De locatie voor alle geschillen die zouden kunnen ontstaan tussen u en Ocean Encounters Curaçao zal worden voorgelegd aan een rechtbank met competente jurisdictie in Willemstad, Curaçao.

16. Contactgegevens
Indien u opmerkingen, vragen of twijfels hebt over onze verwerking van persoonsgegevens, kunt u contact opnemen met [email protected]