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Curaçao Lockdown has been Lifted!

Boat Diving at Ocean Encounters Resumes!

Update as of May 13, 2021 – Breaking news! 🗞️

Are you looking to dive safely and securely back into Curacao? Ocean Encounters Diving Curacao is ready to welcome you back safely!

Today we finally heard the magic words that we have all been waiting for: recreational and charter boats can go out again! That means that we are ready to take you diving and snorkeling!

Boats must operate at half capacity, and Ocean Encounters has a Política Covid-19 ¡en el lugar, pero para el resto es el buceo y el snorkel a su gusto!
Klein Curacao Private Day Trips | Ocean Encounters
Experience Klein Curacao on your own terms as a Private Trip with Ocean Encounters

The Ocean Encounters professional Dive Team has put in place a complete program of Coronavirus Safety Protocols to ensure you, your family and your friends have the ultimate “SAFE” dive vacation experience in Curacao!

“Upon entering the shop, touch free hand sanitizer is available, while our new logo on the floor guides guests to the reception to ensure social distancing. We’ve incorporated plexiglass barriers and tablets to fill in digital waivers to eliminate human contact. Our rental gear is disinfected before and after use and we have specially disinfected rinse tanks for divers with their own gear. On the boat, each diver sets up at least 6ft apart and individual fresh-water buckets are available for masks, cameras, or anything else you need to get wet. Once underwater, everyone is safe, and the diving has been epic lately!” says Jeremiah Peek, General Manager.

When you add it all up, Ocean Encounters together with their accommodation partners, are ready to provide you with the perfect vacation here on Curaçao because they have not left anything to chance.

We hope to see you soon!

Start Planning to Dive Back into Curacao today!

What are the travel requirements to travel to and from Curaçao?

For those traveling to Curaçao, check this sitio web for information prior to arrival, for at the airport and during your stay.

Prior to departure, all visitors must follow these 3 mandatory steps on dicardcuracao.com (make sure to check this government portal for the latest changes):

  1. Complete the digital immigration card online before departure.

  2. Digitally fill out the Passenger Locator Card (PLC) 48 hours prior to your departure and carry a printed document of proof with you.

  3. Each visitor entering Curaçao will need to show a negative result from a certified COVID-19 PCR-test and carry a printed document of proof with them. You will be required to upload the negative test results of the COVID-19 PCR-test on dicardcuracao.com before departure.

  4. 3rd day on-island Antigen test. All passengers departing from a high-risk country are required to undergo an Antigen test at a local laboratory on the 3rd day in Curaçao. Please click here for more information.

Please note:

  • Only deep pharyngeal nose and throat swab PCR tests are accepted. PCR tests such as Gargle samples, Saliva swabs and Rapid PCR Test will not be accepted.
  • The test must be taken max. 72 hours prior to departure at an accredited laboratory. You may contact your general practitioner for a referral to the nearest institution.
  • Children 6 years and younger that show no symptoms, and whose parents can show proof of a negative PCR test, are not required to undergo a PCR test. In this case children 6 and younger do not need to complete a PLC.

Going back home:

A PCR or Antigen test can be done onsite at LionsDive Resort and Sunscape Resort.

  • LionsDive can be booked via this sitio web. (Not for the 3rd day on-island Antigen test!)
  • Sunscape requires onsite booking at the reception 3 days prior to departure.

We are READY TO GO DIVING in Curacao!

Here at Ocean Encounters, we want to re-assure you that we are taking Coronavirus seriously and that we want to do everything we can to keep you and our island community safe.

We are urging guests to practice good personal hygiene, frequently wash hands, sneeze or cough into your elbow, and avoid shaking hands. If you feel you have any symptoms before traveling to Curaçao, please consult your doctor immediately.

Ocean Encounters siempre se ha enorgullecido de ofrecer un servicio de calidad y una "experiencia de buceo definitiva" a nuestros clientes, garantizando siempre su seguridad y la de nuestros empleados. Con esto en mente, hemos modificado nuestros procedimientos estándar de salud y seguridad para incluir un protocolo más estricto, como sigue:

Curacao Scuba Diving Trips and Packages | Ocean Encounters
  • Se recuerda a los empleados y a los clientes que deben lavarse las manos con frecuencia. Se han colocado carteles en los baños, las cocinas y las estaciones de agua como recordatorios amistosos.
  • Desinfectante de manos colocado en todos los mostradores de la tienda - según disponibilidad.
  • Los tanques de lavado se limpian y desinfectan dos veces al día.
  • Se han retirado los cubos de las máscaras de todos los barcos.
  • Todos los mostradores se limpian y desinfectan 3 veces al día.
  • Las zonas de descanso de los huéspedes se limpian y desinfectan dos veces al día.
  • Todo el equipo de alquiler se rocía con desinfectante cuando se entrega.
  • Todo el equipo de alquiler se coloca en grandes cubos llenos de lejía y se desinfecta a su regreso.

Es importante que nuestros huéspedes estén tranquilos porque queremos que se sientan cómodos y seguros mientras disfrutan de nuestros servicios. Sin embargo, tenga la seguridad de que entendemos que pueden producirse cancelaciones debido a cambios en los planes de viaje, restricciones de viaje o por decisión personal. Por lo tanto, ofrecemos una reprogramación gratuita y le damos la bienvenida más tarde.

 Una vez más, queremos asegurarle nuestra dedicación para garantizar una experiencia de buceo o snorkel segura, saludable y de calidad. Gracias por su continuo apoyo y lealtad. Estamos deseando darle la bienvenida a Ocean Encounters pronto.

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