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Guided Shore Dive from Sunscape Resort

Both our facilities at Lions Dive & Beach Resort and Sunscape All-Inclusive have a beautiful house reef in front of the dive shop.
Guided shore dives on the house reef at Lions Dive Resort or Sunscape Resort are available on request for $50 including (air) tanks and weights.
Sunscape Resort
Also from Lions Dive
Easy tank pick-up
House Reef Guides available
Shore Dives around Curacao
1:30 Hours Dive Time
All Experience Levels
Exclusively for Sunscape guests

Shore Dives are available around the island.

Guests who are planning to dive from shore around the island can easily access our facility at Lions Dive to pick up and drop of tanks. We even have guides available for you upon request.

You can rent tanks à la carte ($12 per tank and $6 for weights) or they can take an unlimited air package: $36 per day including tanks and weights, or $200 for 6 days including tanks and weights. Tanks can be used on the house reef, or for dives at different shore dive locations around the island – staff will be happy to recommend beaches with good shore diving.

   Road Maps Available

   Have a Guide join you on house reefs

   PADI / SSI License Required


Just make sure you are ready on time. We'll take care of the rest.

TIMETABLE FOR THE 'Guided Shore Dive from Sunscape Resort' (UPON REQUEST) >>

Earliest Start TimeTrip / Dive TimeLatest Return Time
Monday08:00 – 08:0008:00 – 17:0017:00 – 17.00
Tuesday08:00 – 08:0008:00 – 17:0017:00 – 17.00
Wednesday08:00 – 08:0008:00 – 17:0017:00 – 17.00
Thursday08:00 – 08:0008:00 – 17:0017:00 – 17.00
Friday08:00 – 08:0008:00 – 17:0017:00 – 17.00
Saturday08:00 – 08:0008:00 – 17:0017:00 – 17.00
Sunday08:00 – 08:0008:00 – 17:0017:00 – 17.00

* These times are for Lions Dive Ocean Resort and Sunscape Resort. Please add some extra transit time to our location for (optional) pick up anywhere else. We’ll plan transits during booking together.

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