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Nitrox Specialty Course (Add-on)

Learn how to beat your air tables and stay down longer.
Nitrox helps reduce nitrogen stress on your body and makes your extended dive much more enjoyable.
Note: This activity’s discounted price is applicable only when booked together with any of our multi-day dives. Book the Individual Nitrox Specialty Course here

Lots of fun for a small time investment

This self-study course will take approximately 2 hours while lying on the beach, or sitting at the bar. 30 minute instruction can be scheduled anytime during our opening ours.  
This e-Learning course is included in the course price. In addition there is an instruction which can be requested frequently.
Daily Start Time Daily End Time Combined Course Duration
Monday 8:30 16:30 2:30 Hours
Tuesday 8:30 16:30 2:30 Hours
Wednesday (On Request) 8:30 16:30 2:30 Hours
Thursday 8:30 16:30 2:30 Hours
Friday 8:30 16:30 2:30 Hours
Saturday 8:30 16:30 2:30 Hours
Sunday 8:30 16:30 2:30 Hours

Questions you might have – FAQ

No, to join the Nitrox Specialty Course you must have your Open Water Certification or higher.