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Klein Curacao - An Essential Private Day Trip

From: $180

Klein Curaçao, the little bounty island that is the consummate Caribbean paradise. With turquoise water, white sandy beaches, shipwrecks, and abandoned light house, and a perfect breeding ground for turtles.

Divers, snorkelers and sun lovers who have always dreamed about being marooned on an uninhabited, desert-island will really enjoy this private day trip to Klein Curaçao. This tiny, rugged, desolate island of volcanic rock is located off the southeast coast of Curaçao – about one-and-a-half hours by boat. 

This all day 2-tank dive trip including lunch will be the highlight of your vacation!

This is a PRIVATE TRIP.  Price based on a minimum Group size of 15. Smaller or larger group sizes are available.  Please contact us directly for more information.

Explore the untouched reefs of Curaçao

During surface interval, we encourage you to explore Klein Curaçao before for the second dive. Klein Curaçao is famous for the turtle population that breeds here. A light lunch is served on board. You will have time to swim, walk to the lighthouse, and take pictures of Klein Curaçao before returning to Ocean Encounters.


This is a private charter – price based on a minimum of 10 divers or snorkelers. Smaller or larger group sizes are available – contact us directly for additional details.


You will be able to visit the following beautiful Curacao Dive Sites
Klein CuraçaoEast Point

Questions you might have – FAQ

The water temperature ranges from 25C / 77F (January) to 29C / 85F (October)
The reef is between 3-30meter /10 -100 feet and the Dive master will go to maximum 18m /60 ft. Buddy teams can follow their own profile as long as they stay within their personal limits and communicate with the dive master. (no Deco dives)
We have a locker room to store your dive equipment both at Lions Dive Resort and at Sunscapee Resort. It is locked outside of opening hours (8:00 – 17:00) but you can get a key for night dives.
Our Dive master will provide a pre dive briefing, and will also be guiding the dive.
We have both DIN and yoke tanks.
We rent Cressi Leonardo computers and have a variety of dive computers for sale in our shop. Our staff can advise you which computer is right for you.