Ocean Encounters


Ocean Encounters is the proud owner of 4 different and specialized boats.
All 4 boats are perfectly equipped to comfortably take you and your friends and family to the most beautiful dive spots, fitted out with all the necessary amenities.

The Curacao Galaxy

The Galaxy is a Pro-48 Custom dive boat that is perfect for longer trips. The boat is equipped with Caterpillar twin engines that provide 550 horse power.

The Galaxy was navigated down in 2007 from Virginia Beach to Curacao by our team of captains.

The Curacao Princess

The Princess, our first dive boat, offers a comfy ride. This Mike Fitz 42 foot dive boat has 350 horsepower Caterpillar twin engines.

She has two sister ships in Bonaire.

The Curacao Phoenix

Our most comfortable and versatile dive boat, the Phoenix is equipped with Caterpillar twin engines (450 horsepower each). This really is the Cadillac of boats!

Before setting sail for Curacao, this boat had been fastened for a while on top of the deck of a mega yacht, after a short dive trip in the Red Sea. You can still see the attachment points on the hull of the ship!

The Phoenix was steered to Curacao from Fort Lauderdale by our team of captains.

The Curacao Star

The Star, a 36-foot Seahawk 360 Divemaster, was built in 2005. This dive boat is equipped with 420 horsepower twin Caterpillar engines and has a record speed on flat water of 32 knots (without divers and tanks).

This boat was custom built in Florida and was skippered down to Curacao by our team of captains.