Curacao’s Best Dive Courses

One life, Dive it! But to be able to you must get certified first. Ocean Encounters offers all necessary Dive Courses to get you (PADI / SSI) certified!

Wether you are a newby or already certified and wishing to grow your knowledge and abilities, we have the right Dive Courses for you.

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    Randy C
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Do you want to go on a diving course on Curaçao?

The chances are that you will travel to the beautiful island of Curaçao this year (or in the future). In addition to the beautiful beaches and beautiful locations, it is possible to dive on Curaçao at one of the many dive centers. But really there is only one to pick... Ocean Encounters is Curaçao’s premier 5-star dive resort, known for its fun, customer service oriented staff, and quality products.

Before you want to dive, it is important to prepare well, because you cannot just go into the water. Curious about what you have to do to be able to dive on Curaçao and what you can expect from a diving course on Curaçao? Then it is useful to read this information carefully. We have collected the most important information to give you a complete picture.

Is a diving course compulsory on Curaçao?

It is important to first consider whether it is mandatory to take a diving course on Curaçao. the answer depends on whether you already have a diving license. If you have ever dived before in your life, taking a diving course on Curaçao is unnecessary. If you are in possession of your PADI license you can select  one of our dive courses to refresh your dive skills or take an advanced dive course like the advanced open water course or our drift diver course. The PADI certification is a globally recognized certification which indicates that you can dive independently in a responsible and safe manner. If you do not yet have a PADI or SSI certificate yet, it is again necessary to follow a diving course on Curaçao. After all, there is a lot to consider when diving. Only by following a professional diving course can you be sure that you know what to do when diving.

Diving forever - your diving license

What if you have successfully completed your diving course in Curaçao? In this case you are in possession of your own PADI or SSI diving certificate. This certification shows that you can dive independently. It therefore follows that you can go diving anywhere and you are ready to come with us on one of our dive trips for certified divers. It is important to know that it is possible to choose from different certification cards. The choice for the diving course on Curaçao will always depend on your level. If you would like to go diving around the island, you must be at least 10 years old. People with young children are therefore forced to pick one of our snorkel and boat trips, instead to go diving.

Good to know is that you can also follow other types of diving courses on the island. For example, if you already have your standard license, it is possible to go for a special course that teaches you how to dive between shipwrecks (see dive site overview). More information about the possibilities for diving can always be requested from our dive school staff.


Conditions for your diving course on Curaçao

Good, you want to follow a diving course on Curaçao yourself. Are there certain conditions that you must meet before you can start diving? There are certainly, it is necessary to always read these conditions carefully. If you do not do this, you may be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards. The main conditions to meet are the following:

  • You must be healthy - The most important requirement that you must meet before you can start a diving course in Curaçao is that you must be healthy. Diving is on the intensive side. If you suffer from certain health problems such as a weak heart, you must first get permission from your doctor before you can start diving. This is the reason that you always have to sign a health certificate in advance. Without this statement, you are unfortunately not allowed to go diving on Curaçao.
  • You must be able to swim well enough - This is a bit of an unnecessary requirement, but it is important to take this into account. You would be surprised how many people would like to dive without being able to swim well enough themselves. When following a diving course on Curaçao you will actually always receive some training in the pool. During this part of the course you have to show that you can swim alone and that you can tread water for a longer period of time. Being able to swim well enough is therefore a must.


What does a diving course on Curaçao look like?

You already know more about taking a PADI course in Curaçao. What you do not know yet is what such a diving course actually looks like. The first part of the course must be done at home. This is the part with the theory. By means of an online environment you learn which signals you need to make when diving and how a diving cylinder actually works. Although you can also do this on Curaçao itself, it is wise to do this at home. If you do not do this, you will have to work with the material on your holiday in some room. After the theory part, you will receive training in the swimming pool. Here you learn to swim with the suit on and with the lead parts on the side of your legs.

Once you have mastered this, it is time to go to the open water. Of course everything is done in a very accessible and calm way, making it possible for everyone to follow it. There is always an instructor who can intervene if necessary. So you don't have to worry about anything when diving.

Choose a diving course on Curaçao

If you have always wanted to dive then Curaçao is really the place to do this. Because of the many beautiful dive locations, it is possible for everyone to follow a diving course. Through this course you will learn all the ins and outs of diving. Afterwards you can go diving alone or with your friends. So bring your underwater camera and take pictures of all the animals you see!