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It might not come as a surprise that here at Ocean Encounters, we love to go diving. We’re a diving company in Curaçao. That’s what we do. But, we love to take as many people as possible out diving too. We don’t need a reason to go diving, we need a reason NOT to go.

Not because we couldn’t think of anything else to add but because there are SO MANY reasons to go diving and we had to contain ourselves. You can dive in tropical waters all over the world. From the many beautiful spots in South-East Asia, to the Caribbean ocean in Middle America or to the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Diving can be done in the ice cold waters in Antarctica, Iceland and even in the lakes of Austria. Every destination brings its own charm and adventures, along with the different creatures you will find all over the world. But that doesn’t mean that multiple dives at the same dive site bring the same experiences.

You and your buddy could go diving together and yet both experience the dive completely different from each other. 70% of the world consists of water – why only explore 30%? Diving allows us to see more of the world. There are currently around 230.000 species discovered in the ocean, and it is expected that 60 to 80 percent (!) of species in the World’s oceans still remain undiscovered.

Dive, Dive, Dive! Scuba Diving Is Fun For Everyone

Find marine life you have never witnessed with you own eyes before! Being able to take part in this world, to see all of these fish in their natural habitat is an experience you will never forget. The moment you swim among the ocean dwellers and let them inspect and accept you, is truly amazing. Diving is a great way to get away from all the noise, the traffic and the troubles in the world.

No talking, no phones ringing, all communication goes via hand signals. When you’re below the surface you completely forget about what’s happening on land, and what keeps you busy. For that hour you are under the water it’s just you and your thoughts. Snorkeling also is a great way to have a glimpse of what’s going on under water.

Scuba diving allows you to move freely underwater and makes you feel you are part of the marine life. Another great thing is that. Hardly having to deal with gravity makes you feel like you’re weightless and flying into the blue.

9 Great Reasons To Scuba Dive – Diving Is Fun!

Wherever you dive, you will always be in great company. Many friendships have started during a course or fun dive, even marriages originated from meetings like this! You all share the same passion for the ocean and feel bonded with one another. No matter what you do for living, what your car looks like or what kind of friends you have, diving makes you feel connected and equal. Now, there are a million more reasons to go diving in Curaçao.

Divers already know why they’re so passionate about being underwater. Do you want to know? I have amazing reasons to scuba dive. Many people will say ‘we were born on land, why should we be underwater?’. I say why would you not? The vast ocean is here for us to explore and to understand more of our purposes here on earth.

Did you know our earth is covered with 71% water and yet more money has been spent on space exploration than underwater exploration? According to the National Ocean Service, only 5% of the ocean has been explored. What’s fascinating is, only about 230,000 different species have been named and according to marine taxonomists there are still 1 million and more that have yet to be discovered.

To me, having the opportunity to scuba dive is like having the privilege to learn, explore, study and appreciate the beauty of the natural life of marine fauna and flora. You see, diving has actually made me realize there are purposes to all life on earth. When I’m diving underwater, I think of being in God’s Garden of Eden when I’m hovering over healthy coral reefs unspoiled by human pollution and left untouched by divers.

Diving on Curaçao is especially a lot of fun and quite entertaining as you see the nocturnal creatures who were hiding in crevices during the day dives come out in full view. The eels and octopuses are busy hunting for food and the corals which appeared dead are now extending their polyps to grab floating plankton, so they too have something to munch on.

There are some fish that glow and they’re born brilliant in orange, red, and neon green and then there are others who simply change colors to match their environment or when they feel threatened. The ocean is waiting for the human eye to make its discoveries! When you’ve had enough of life on land, there is no better place to go than to go underwater.

Scuba Diving Is Good For Your Health - What you didn't expect

No land noises. No TV or the buzz from your cell phone. No traffic sounds. No wasting time sitting in traffic. Scuba diving is a great way to get away from campers when you thought you would be able to enjoy your peace and quiet. But, the underwater world has sounds too… I can hear my bubbles and the calmness of my breathing and sometimes I can hear the talented humpback whales sing their songs.

These are the pleasant sounds of the underwater world much better than the sounds of traffic on land. Along with the peace, comes great freedom! You have a lot of space and it’s endless… Scuba diving in my mind, once you get your dive gear on and take that giant stride into the water and make yourself into the depths of the ocean… is true joy and you can’t help but say ‘ohhhh ya, this is what I’m here for…’.

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Being able to breathe and spend time underwater, to move about gracefully, weightlessly and have the freedom to move up or down are things you can’t do standing on the ground. The sense of belonging to the ocean doesn’t go away even when you’re back on land. If you have never dived with or seen a giant manta ray, check it out here you’ll understand what I mean.

Great Reasons To Scuba Dive on Curaçao– Diving Is Fun!

There is no bottom to see and it truly is a feeling of freedom. Another reason why diving is so much fun is the adventure. You actually get to interact underwater and swim with the marine creatures instead of standing in front of aquariums watching them helplessly trapped with no place to go.

No dive is the same. Even your dive buddy who is diving with you will have different experiences on the same dive. Each site presents itself with unique stories from histories of to giant marine creatures suited for its environment. Sometimes you might even get the feeling of ghosts of sea crews who never survived, watching you cautiously as they protect their sunken ship.

At first, it appears as just a large dark shadow. As you get close, you can see an outline of a huge broken ship and closer yet, you can see how the ship became a prisoner to the ocean. It’s completely covered with beautiful coral and an abundance of different fish swimming freely in and out of the ship’s openings.

These thoughts linger in a diver’s mind and the urge to go diving begins again. There is no other way to appreciate the natural beauty and feel the adventure than to actually do it. You can dive anywhere in the world, from the tropical warm waters to the cold waters whether it be from the Red Sea, the Philippines, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Antarctic or... Go diving on Caribbean Curaçao!

Having Fun While Diving, Even At The Swimming Pool !

Sometimes Curaçao’s best dive sites are at remote locations where some dive boats don’t go to. Ocean Encounters is the perfect dive center to take you further away because you can live and dive from our larger boats and we can take you places other dive operators can’t. Vacationing with us means you can bring your family and they can also have fun and snorkel.

Why see the marine creatures in magazines, aquariums, National Geographic, YouTube videos, and Netflix? Why not be underwater totally submerged with them?

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Why Is Diving with Dolphins, Sharks and Turtles Fun? - What you didn't know

The truth about sharks is that sharks are not scary and they mean no harm to us, in fact when you see them in their environment, they’re very shy. We’re definitely not in their meal plan because we’re too bony. Some sharks may be curious and they just want to check you out. Did you know humans are harmful to sharks? Some commercial people kill them by mercilessly cutting off their fins and letting them bleed to death just to make fin soup.

Diving with dolphins (an activity only Ocean Encounters can offer you) is a lot of fun and when they’re not on a mission, they’ll play and perform for you sometimes for the entire duration of your dive.

Sea turtles will quite often swim right up to you because their eyesight is not very good. These beautiful giants are so much fun that you will never want to leave the underwater world for they will entertain you and let you swim beside them.

They are not a danger to humans, we are their predators! Respect the marine creatures and they will respect you back.

It’s quite easy to meet other divers from all over the world. This is another reason why diving is so much fun. The cool part is sitting down together talking and sharing dive stories. You exchange names and contact information and just like that, you’ve bonded and made a lifetime friendship where occasionally they will cross your dive path again. You can keep in touch with them on social media and share dive stories.

Children also Scuba Dive

We’ve seen 10 years olds scuba dive and they’re a lot more relaxed than adult divers in training. Some of the dive youths move on to make scuba diving a professional career as Scuba Dive Instructors or become Marine Biologists to study and protect sea life. Some look for more adventure and specialize in wreck or cave diving in their later years and the rest will enjoy as recreational divers.

The thing we find about scuba diving is it’s extremely addicting! You will want to do more traveling and more . You will come up with so many fish stories to tell your friends… make sure you log all your dives in your dive log book.

I really want to hear your dive stories. If you have any questions or comments or want to share the story of your reason to dive, please put them in the Comment Box below!


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