Mushroom Forest Day Trip

Mushroom Forest, rated as one of the ‘Caribbean Best Dives’ by Sport Diver Magazine. The majestic star and brain corals rise up to form mushroom shaped domes full of underwater life.

At Mushroom Forest you will dive along large hard coral formations. Critters love to hide underneath. In the deep blue look for schools of bar jacks and yellow tails.

Mushroom Forest

We end this dive inside the amazing Blue Room cavern filled with silversides and other critters.  Porto Mari is our second dive site. This is a double reef full of marine life and famous for the spotted eagle rays that get seen around here. You will be offered a light lunch onboard after the second dive.

Please note that we need a minimum of 10 divers to run this trip.

  • Dive Spot for Macro Photography
  • Reef Dive
  • Boat Dive
  • Dive Level: Beginner / intermediate
  • A “Must Dive” dive site

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  • Daily 2-tank dive trips
  • Afternoon 1-tank dive trips
  • Combined snorkel & dive trips
  • Visit the best dive sites

Special Day trips include lunch

We also offer photo and video service of your experience with our partner Turtle & Ray Productions

East Point / Klein Curacao Day Trip

Want an adventure? Join Ocean Encounters on a 2-tank Dive Trip to East Point and Klein Curaçao.

East Point, the first dive site is an unspoiled, lush, and pristine reef alive with turtles, rays, large fish, sharks, and much more.

East Point / Klein Curaçao

During surface interval, we will cross over to Klein Curaçao for the second dive. Klein Curaçao is famous for the turtle population that breads here. A light lunch is served on board. You will have time to swim, walk to the lighthouse, and take pictures of Klein Curaçao before returning to Ocean Encounters.

Please note that we need a minimum of 10 divers to run this trip.

  • This boat trip is for divers only
  • Dive Level: intermediate to advanced
  • Macro Photography
  • Reef Dive
  • Deep Dive

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Open Water Dolphin Dive

A unique open water diving experience provided exclusively in Curaçao by Ocean Encounters Diving and Dolphin Academy. After our dive and dolphin interaction briefing, you will gear up and take a short boat ride to Shipwreck Point. Once underwater, you will meet dolphin(s) and their trainer for an amazing experience on a beautiful reef.

On this dive you will get up close and personal with these amazing animals and maybe even pet them.  Bring your camera they love the attention!

This trip includes entrance to the Sea Aquarium Park on the day of your dive or a later day.

Note: This trip is also offered to non-certified divers as a lagoon dive.

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Dolphin Dive for non-divers

Never tried diving before? This is your chance to experience the basics of scuba diving and dive with a dolphin in a nice lagoon.

You start by learning the basics of scuba diving. Once your introduction to diving is complete, you will spend time underwater with a dolphin in a comfortable lagoon.

This Dolphin Lagoon Dive is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 pm. No dive certification required. Theory session and skill practice will be done on a previous day.

Check out this video to see what this once in a lifetime experience is all about.

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Night Dive From Boat

See the reef in a whole new “light” at night! Some of the ocean’s most amazing creatures only come out at night, and even the corals look differently under your dive light. Your dive master will go over special night diving procedures during the briefing, including dive signals with your dive light.

The Night Dive boat trip to the Tugboat leaves every Wednesday at 6:30 and returns at 8:30PM with at minimum 4 divers.

Fluorescent Night Dive

Are you looking for a totally psychedelic experience?

Try a Fluorescent night dive! You will dive with special “blue” UV dive lights and a yellow mask filter. In this light, corals and some of the marine creatures and fish “glow in the dark”, making for a totally different experience than what you were used to on a night dive! The colors that you see are completely different from what is normally seen in “white” light, so a normally boring fish may suddenly dazzle you with its glowing pattern.

This dive is recommended for divers who are already comfortable with night dives. Your guide will go over special considerations during the briefing. The fluorescent night dive takes place on our house reef and is available on request, with at minimum 2 divers.


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