The Best Dive Sites

Jump on board for the best diving in Curaçao. We offer 2-tank boat trips every day to Curacao’s best dive sites. Our weekly schedule consists of 14 different dive sites so when diving a multi-day package you will see different sites every day.

In the afternoon we offer a 1-tank snorkel and dive trip to some beautiful locations enjoyed by divers and non-divers alike.

Special Trips

Special trips are going out every week as well, which include lunch and some of the best diving that Curacao has to offer. These trips come back to port between 3:30PM and 4:00PM. Check out the Mushroom Forest, East Point / Klein Curaçao and Dolphin Dive trip to make sure you will get to see the best.

  • Daily 2-tank dive trips
  • Afternoon 1-tank dive trips
  • Combined snorkel & dive trips
  • Visit the best dive sites

Special trips include lunch

We also offer photo and video service of your experience with our partner Turtle & Ray Productions

The Curacao Galaxy

The Galaxy is a Pro-48 Custom Dive Boat. Perfect for longer trips.

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The Galaxy is a Pro-48 Custom Dive Boat that is perfect for longer trips.

The boat is equipped with Twin Caterpillar Engines that provide 450 horse power.

The Galaxy was originally named the Miss Lauren and was sailed down from Virginia Beach to Curacao by our team of captains.

The Curacao Princess

A Mike Fitz 42 foot dive boat.

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A Mike Fitz 42 foot dive boat. This is the only boat we had when we started in 2003. New engines – 350 horse power Caterpillar twin engines – were added to give her new life in 2008.

She has two sister ships in Bonaire. One is named the Coral Sea.

The Curacao Phoenix

Our most comfortable and versatile dive boat. The Cadillac of dive boats. A 46-foot Newton Dive Special.

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Our most comfortable and versatile dive boat, equipped with Twin Caterpillar engines (450 horse power each). This really is the Cadillac of boats!

Originally the private diving boat, named Happy Diver, on a mega-yacht. Before setting sail for Curacao this boat had been on the deck of the mega yacht after a short dive trip in the red sea.

The Phoenix was sailed to Curacao from Ft. Lauderdale by our team of Captains.

The Curacao Star

A 36-foot Seahawk 360 Divemaster built in 2006.

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A 36-foot Seahawk 360 Divemaster built in 2006. Our second dive boat so we wanted really big engines.

Record speed on flat water is 32 knots (without divers and tanks). Overpowered with 420 horse power Twin Caterpillar engines

Custom built in Florida and sailed down to Curacao by our team of captains.

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