The prices listed below are valid till December 21, 2018.

Prices also exclude 9% sales tax.

Transportation fees may apply based on hotel and/or origin of your trip.

Single day dives (per person)
Two Tank Boat Dive $100
One Tank Boat Dive $62
Night Boat Dive (1 tank) $73
Night Shore Dive (Guided) $55
Special trips (per person)
Klein Curacao / East Point * $155
Mushroom Forest * $155
Add Klein Curacao / East Point * or Mushroom Forest * to Multi-day package $55
Open Water Dolphin Dive $242
Dolphin Dive for non-divers $242

* Please note that a minimum of 10 divers is needed to run the Klein Curacao / East Point and Mushroom Forest trips.

Multi-day dive packages (per person)
4 Days of 2 tank Boat Diving $380
5 Days of 2 tank Boat Diving $475
6 Days of 2 tank Boat Diving $540
7 Days of 2 tank Boat Diving $630
Animal Encounters (per person)
Animal Encounter Snorkel $69
Animal Encounter Dive $99
Animal Encounter DSD $150

Additional information

Our boat dives include tanks and weights. Any additional equipment (if necessary) can be rented in our dive shops on the days of the dives. For our current equipment rates, please click here.

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Book your dive trip or package in advance by using our secure online reservation form. Your reservation request will be handled within 24 hours.

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